Overview of Research Projects

Pigg River WatershedThe Center conducts basic and applied research within the field of watershed studies and engineering. Various projects have been initiated that promote the advancement of TMDL development.

TMDL Implementation – Characteristics of Successful Projects

  • The goal of this project was to review TMDLs that have been or are being implemented and to identify factors that contribute to successful implementation. This was accomplished by reviewing seventeen on-going implementation efforts across the country and their associated TMDLs and implementation plans. TMDLs and TMDL implementation plans are being developed across the country using a variety of approaches, with varying levels of detail and stakeholder participation. The ultimate goal of the TMDL program is to improve water quality through the implementation of TMDLs. This project identified features of previously developed TMDLs and TMDL implementation plans that facilitate the implementation process. A 'case study' approach was applied to a series of watersheds for which TMDLs have been developed and implementation has begun to identify the characteristics and approaches that facilitate implementation and water quality improvement. A summary of case study synopses can be accessed here.  A complete project report is also available here or without appendices here.  A journal article was recently published for the project and can be accessed at Water Practice™ • Vol. 2 • No. 1 © 2008 Water Environment Federation.