The Center has conducted various workshops relating to TMDL development and modeling:


  • Twinning Workshop on TMDLs. Modeling Workshop for the Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA), Manila, Philippines.


  • TMDL Development and Implementation. Workshop for Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Managers, Blacksburg, Virginia.

  • Watershed Management Planning. Workshop delivered as part of a project “Watershed-based Natural Resource Management in Small-scale Agriculture: Sloped Areas of the Andean Region", Ecuador.


  • Modeling Strategies for Implementation Planning. 2007 ASABE TMDL Conference, San Antonio, TX. Continuing Professional Development Workshop.

  • Understanding and Overcoming Technical Challenges in the TMDL Process. 2007 Workshop for Hawaii TMDL Planners and Developers, Honolulu, Hawaii.



  • Using GWLF for TMDL Development. ASABE Third Conference on Watershed Management to Meet Water Quality Standards and Emerging TMDL. Atlanta, Georgia. Continuing Professional Development Workshop.



  • ABCs of TMDLs Workshop. Southeast Regional SWCS Meeting. Blacksburg, Virginia.

  • ABCs of TMDLs Workshop. Virginia Water Research Symposium 2003. Short Course.


  • Development and Evaluation of TMDL Planning and Assessment Tools and Processes. TMDL Development Workshop. Meeting of the Multi-State Research Project, S-1004. Snowbird, Utah.


  • TMDL Modeling: An Introduction to Modeling Concepts, Data Sources, and Assessment. Modeling workshop for Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. Blacksburg, Virginia.

  • Developing Generalized Constituent TMDLs with HSPF. ASAE 94th Annual International Meeting. Sacramento, California. Continuing Professional Development Workshop.


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